July 27, 2009

In the News


**UPDATE** Woody put me onto the fact that Emanuelle Chriqui created this Baron Davis clip we highlighted a while back! Check out part of the ‘making of’ here. Just another reason to obsess.

Been a few weeks since one of these… All the contests have meant it’s been hard to get the time to put the gallery and post together but to welcome you to the last week in July, I give you Entourage hottie, Emmanuelle Chriqui. Plenty more shots below the cut. Enjoy!

Organize your day in 18 minutes – Another handy office tip, this is from the Harvard Business Review. I like the sound of it but I’ve always worked on a rolling daily list where I add tasks as they come up and tick them off as I complete them. Each day the list is rewritten and something stays on there till it’s done. Usually works pretty well.

Esquire UK checks out Bape – Esquire have a neat little interview with Nigo about the refurbished Bape store in London. Check it out.

Double Pitts to Chesty – Chunk posted this video last week but apparently that wasn’t cheesy enough – so they created this. One of the most hilariously cringe worthy ads I’ve seen – thanks to Steele Saunders blog here for the tip.

Bill Gates Blogs for Gizmodo – Bill Gates made a surprise submission to Gizmodo, writing about 1979 at the Microsoft office and the computer industry back then. Pretty interesting read.

by Dave