April 9, 2008

Fast Times Snags & Shred BBQ


Fast Times Skate shop out of Frankston are always keeping the kids happy, this time they put on a little BBQ at Mornington skatepark this past Saturday afternoon. Of course Mornington locals Geoff Cook and Co. were there to get there skate and eat on, and damn can those guys skate their local park, they all shred! Anyways a good time was had by all. A big thanks to Tebby for putting it all together, now go down and support your local skateshop!


Did you all know that Matty from Fast Times had never had a BBQ before?


Geoff loves the odd Sausage every now and then…


The Crew.


Im not gonna lie, I suck at skate photography, but i swear Tebby just landed an amazing trick over the hip…


Session over…


Session Definitely over…


The next generation of Fast Times kids are waiting and ready to take over!

by Woody