August 26, 2009

**Pop Aus Exclusive** Kinda Sorta: Burton Backwards Teaser


This is the second installment in The B movie teaser week and before yall point it out, I know – this one has been around for a few weeks. We reported on it a while back but the new teaser that was due in my inbox this morning is still undergoing last minute editing in the States (what kind of Pop-style operation are these guys running?!? Ahaha). If you haven’t yet seen it, click below the cut to check it out!

The Backwards Teaser
Fearing “The B” could be possessed, it was played backwards to check for hidden messages. It looked cool, thus the backwards teaser. Burton’s latest movie “The B” will hit stores and iTunes, ghost free, this fall.

The B is a major snowboarding motion picture showcasing the riding of the entire Burton team.

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by Dave