September 8, 2009

Falls Creek Update: Early September


Sean Radich has been a good guy and shot through an update on the condition of the Falls park. Check below the cut for a write up and more photos. Thanks Radman!

From Sean Radich:

Unfortunately the rain, wind etc has played havoc with Aussie resorts over the last few weeks and made it very difficult for the kats to even get out and move snow around. I chatted to Reuben about Falls’ parks and its directions for September: After a successful Stylewars, Reuben and Matty (formerly of SnowPark) rebuilt Drovers park, putting in a twin set of decent jumps, 3 small jumps, and reset all the small rails and boxes that were previously in place.

(Ed. note: You can check photos of how the rails were looking last month here.)

Apparently the Drovers jumps were perfect 40+ footers for size and speed, but a little advanced for the Drovers area and so had to be made smaller into 20 footers, which are still a lot of fun and were getting well-sessioned on sunny Sunday.

Over in Ruined Castle, when the weather has allowed, hours and hours of work has been done to move snow to try and maintain the park for the rest of the season, and to rebuild it after Stylewars. So a few nights were spent winching huge drifts from the top of ‘Castle and pushing snow to the skier’s left. As of Sunday, there was a decent 50+ footer open to hit, in the location of the Stylewars 80 footer. This jump is similar, albeit a few feet bigger, than the Big Air jump of a few weeks back. There is also a pretty gnarly gap to flat-bar and then the wall ride used in Stylwars – although it is set into the snow mound, not on top (as during stylewars) so it requires less maintenance and will last the season. I would imagine that the second proposed 60 footer in the line will be ready and open by now. But, as Ruined was not finished when I was there, and few crew were out riding it, I didn’t take many shots.

by Dave