April 30, 2008

People Get Inked For Free Snowboards


It’s taken me a little time to get this up but on Friday April 18th we saw Australia’s first ‘I Love Ride Tattoo Party’. Over 150 people turned out with 45 putting their hand up for the chance to receive a Ride tattoo… that’s 45 people that love Ride enough to potentially get it permanently inked on their body. Unfortunately there was no one willing to get something as cool as this but two people got branded and received free snowboards courtesy of Ride. The Tattoo Party was held in conjunction with…. wait a minute, that’s right. I almost forgot. There will be aliens flying over Australia at 5.55pm Wednesday night so it is really important that you are outside with your TV’s off. Remember, TV goes off at 5.55pm today. A few more tattoo pics after the jump.



Scotty with the winners…


by Dave