January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Tom Pelley

Just went to Tom Pelly’s 21st Dinner and surprisingly, TP was the best behaved. The bad boy of Australian snowboarding was quite relaxed surrounded by girls all night. Meanwhile, the usually sensible A Lloyd decided to start the ‘soon to be father but still about as immature as a five year old’ Robbie with a soy sauce fight… Click ‘read more’ below for the rest of the story.

Lloyd begins by throwing some chop sticks on Robbie’s new Calvin Klein shirt marking him with soy sauce, Robbie gets revenge with a finger dipped in soy sauce poke… A Lloyd didn’t like this and goes seconds on Robbie’s CK…. Robbie, even after Alice advise to just sit down, throws a cup of SS on Lloyd.. it now settles down.

Feeling a little guilty from taking it a little too far, Robbie takes off the white t-shirt he was wearing under his CK to give to Andy, while handing the T to Andy… another cup of sauce from the built up Andy is released covering Robbie’s new CK.

Everyone paused for a second because it was about to get serious… Robbie, who has now matured to about 10 years old, decided no need to fight but he better get all the soy sauce and throw it on Andy… but at the same time covered everybody else..

Sorry, let me know who i owe a new T to.. and Andy, i still have your camera and I’m selling it to buy a new shirt.

Yeah Pelly, we made you look good..

Happy B day..

by POP Magazine