May 16, 2007

POP goes out of its league… Bob McKnight Interview

So, for those who have taken the time to scan the pages of the last issue of POP, you may have noticed a short interview with Quiksilver Owner/CEO Bob McKnight. We spent 40 minutes with Bob talking about everything from how to build a great board sports company, to Natas, to Pearl Jam. Although I had hoped Bob would see my super-human intellect and straight away appoint me Chairman or some other post where I get a six seven figure salary and I don’t have to do much/anything, he was obviously distracted by my wit, charm and Brad Pitt-esq good looks. Still, because we had to cut the interview short in the mag, we said we’d post it here… so, uh… Click to download the PDF and there it is! And ladies… Here I am.

by Dave