August 17, 2010

Vote For Videograss

Our old friend Jan Snarski needs our help. Jan is a lovable dude that is filming for our good friends at Videograss and their new film Bon Voyage. Snowboarder Magazine have a Superpark Showdown video edit contest running and we all need to vote for Videograss. Here’s the downlow for those that need to know:

Videograss called up their industry reserves for their edit. With a pedigree of upside down stunts born out of boredom in the Big Bear park, Ashbury owners Lance and Mike Hakker took to Mammoth’s Chair 14 with reckless abandon and little regard for personal style or safety. Two other men, one, part Mexican and part Indian, the other, part Mexican and part Canadian, join the brothers Hakker in their quest to prove that the behind-the-scenes players can still hold it down. The final product leaves one wondering how Chas Guldemond could have beaten photographer Oli Gagnon for the Superpark Standout title. On a side note, both of Videograss’s two filmers, Sean Mccormick and Jan Snarski, edited up submissions for this contest and let the Videograss riders themselves vote on which of the two edits to submit. The featured edit is the one produced by Jan Snarski, and for the record, Java Fernandez had clips in both edits.

Now go vote!

by Rick