November 3, 2010

Andy Irons Dies From Dengue Fever


UPDATE: 09:24 – Transworld Surf has posted further details. According to their article, AI was at Dallas Texas when the complications occurred. The article says, “Andy was so sick he was unable to board his flight from Dallas to Kauai, got a hotel room, and was found there dead leaving behind a pregnant wife, family, and world full of friends and fans.” See the full article here.

UPDATE: 09:04 – Surfer Magazine is confirming the reports that Andy Irons passed away while traveling from Puerto Rico to his home in Hawaii. They say that, “the cause of death is unknown, although sources inside the family say that he passed away from Dengue fever” More over here.

UPDATE: 09:22 – ESPN posted article. No new details added at this stage – see it here.

08:54: This is unconfirmed at this stage but there’s a rumor going around that Andy Irons has passed away on his way home to Hawaii. The reports so far say that it was Dengue Fever… More coming when we can confirm.

(Photos via SurferMag and Billabong)

Andy Irons – I Surf Because…

by Dave