March 17, 2011

Maverick’s Takes Another Life: RIP Sion Milosky

Sion Milosky, from the island of Kauai, has died today at Maverick’s. photo: Volcom

In news just to hand, Hawaiian big wave charger Sion Milosky is reported to have drowned today, surfing Maverick’s in California.

He is the second Hawaiian big-wave surfer to drown at Maverick’s, after the legendary Mark Foo died surfing the wave in 1994.

Just over a year ago, Sion become known around the world for catching the biggest wave ever paddled into.

Although in his mid 30s, Sion only came to prominence in the last few years, when the water photographer Daniel Russo hooked up with him in some incredible barrels at Pipeline that were seen in surf mags around the world.

If you want to know more about Sion, Surfing magazine has a great little profile with this remarkable Hawaiian surfer here.

Thoughts are with his family and friends.

UPDATE, MARCH 23: Our friends at ASL have done great interview with Ken ‘Skindog’ Collins, who Sion was staying with in California. Skindog was in the water with Sion when he drowned, and his take on the whole tragic situation is definitely worth reading. Skindog’s interview is here.

by Tim