August 9, 2013

Warren Klein’s Voicemail To Christian Slater Is Fantastic


One of the most powerful men in Hollywood during the 80’s, Warren Klein, left this voicemail for Christian Slater just before Gleaming the Cube was released.

Apparently there was a bit of tension over the release date of Thrashin’ with Josh Brolin. Thrashin’ had appearances from Tony Hawk, Hosoi, Lance Mountain and Cab. Gleaming had Mike McGill and Rodney Mullen in it along with Tommy Guerrero teaching Slater how to skate.

There’s so much gold in this, I don’t know where to start. “You’re lucky if that’s a backside air, but it’s not an airwalk” or “He’s lucky if he can ollie a matchbook. Good luck with that guys.” Then there’s the classic “one of the most heartfelt nuclear holocaust films I’ve seen”.

Make sure you listen all the way through and a huge thanks to Rens for the tip on it!

by Dave