July 16, 2013

P-Rod Wins In SLS Portland

Paul Rodriguez has pulled off what seemed impossible weeks ago and beaten Nyjah Huston at Street League Portland.

In the first stop back since injury, Huston was looking a little fragile and was eliminated at the earliest point he has been this season. Who knows if the ribs were still niggling, but Luan Oliveira handed him the defeat with a super impressive stop overall.

Australian Shane O’Neill, who is having a quieter season this year, came in 5th but he managed a 9.9 for his switch 360 double flip down the drop. This ties him with the highest score ever in SLS history and sets him up for a neat bonus at the end of the season unless someone can pull out a 10. I don’t even know what that would look like.

It came down to Chris Cole and P-Rod in the impact section. Cole was in top spot but P-Rod dropped a switch frontside bigspin heelflip for an 8.8. That scored him $100,000 prize money for the day and proved that Nyjah is beatable in this arena.

Check a post comp interview with P-Rod above and some photos below. For more shots, hit the SLS Facebook page.

Photos: Bryce Kanights Photography


by Dave