August 27, 2013

Chris Cole Takes The 2013 Street League Championship

Chris Cole had a US$200,000 payday on the weekend, taking out the 2013 Street League finals. This is the first year the championship hasn’t gone to Nyjah Huston but it wasn’t for lack of trying. The finals came down to a tussle in the Impact Section between Huston and Cole that was all nine pointer level tricks. Cole ultimately took the win with a fakie ollie to frontside bluntslide to fakie on the Hubba (9.3 points), a sketched kickflip backside noseblunt on the rail (8.6 points), a backside 270 ollie to frontside noseblunt slide on the rail (9.1 points), and a 360 flip to 50-50/5-0/four-wheeler on the Hubba.

Nyjah still dominated the tour overall winning four of the seven events, and clocking up $1.4 million in winnings from that tour by April this year, but the level of riding and strategy from those around him stepped up. Next season will be very interesting. Full final championship rankings are below and under that is an interview with Cole about the win.

Super Crown World Championship Results
1. Chris Cole
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Luan Oliveira
4. Paul Rodriguez
5. Sean Malto
6. Shane O’Neill
7. Torey Pudwill
8. Mikey Taylor

by Dave