February 12, 2014

i-Pod Defeats White In Terrible Conditions At Sochi

Shaun White has been defeated in his quest for a third Olympic gold in the pipe by Russian born Swiss competitor, Iouri Podladtchikov. He wasn’t even able to manage a podium with Japanese riders Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka rounding out the top three.

White crashed out on his first run on both a yolo and then an attempted double cork. His second scored him a 90.25. Ipod owned the night with an 86.5 in his first run and a 94.75 in his second run which included his yolo flip.

From all reports (in the lead up, during and after the event), the pipe condition was horrendous. From the shape and maintenance, to the snow in the bottom, it was not an Olympic standard pipe at all. From watching the ski slope earlier in the night, you could see things were not going well on the hill – Canadian Yuki Tsubota came out of a jump way too slow and hit the knuckle hard. A lot of competitors were struggling with the course. So things were not going to get better for pipe later in the day.

Full results below and hopefully some video when I can find a bootleg of it.

Men’s Olympic Halfpipe Results

1. Iouri Podladtchikov, Switzerland 94.75
2. Ayumu Hirano Japan 93.5
3. Taku Hiraoka Japan 92.25
4. Shaun White USA 90.25
5. David Habluetzel Switzerland 88.5
6. Zhang Yiwei China 87.25
7. Shi Wancheng China 81.00
8. Tim-Kevin Ravnjak Slovenia 72.25
9. Kent Callister Australia 68.5
10. Danny Davis USA 53.00
11. Christian Haller Switzerland 51.5
12. Greg Bretz USA 26.5

by Dave