December 16, 2013

Bretz Beats White In Dew Tour Pipe

Photo: Ayumu Hirano via Dew

Greg Bretz puled out a really solid first run in the Dew Tour pipe finals at Breck over the weekend earning himself a 91.4 and taking out the win over Shaun White. White’s run was only a point short of Bretz’s and included method to front double cork 10 to cab double cork 10 to front 5 to double McTwist 12. Bretz was in with front double cork 10 to cab double cork 10, to inverted front 9 to back 9 to front 10 finishing with a cab front 10. You can see both runs in the videos below. Shaun was a little off his game and a missed landing on the 12 in his first run apparently aggravated an old ankle injury. According to Transworld, it’s been four years since someone beat him in the pipe.

Torah Bright took out the ladies win with her first run consisting of a McTwist to melon-to-fakie to cab 7 to front 5, to front alley-oop to back alley-oop rodeo 540. That earned her a 94.5 which couldn’t be beat. Her run is below as well.

Greg Bretz

Shaun White

Torah Bright

by Dave