January 9, 2014

Olympics Host Bob Costas Doesn’t Get Slope

Prime-time Olympics host for NBC, Bob Costas, gave an interview to the Today Show’s Matt Lauer the other day. During a discussion on new events in the upcoming games, Costas made a quip about slopestyle being ‘jackass’ stuff and that the president of the IOC should be Johnny Knoxville.

This set some snowboarders on a rant about it showing a lack of respect, etc. etc. Todd Richards, who is generally awesome, was particularly miffed. Personally, I think the snowboarders that got offended by it are the embarrassment here – we don’t need to be thin skinned and sensitive anymore.

Snowboarding KILLED the ratings at Vancouver and we’re only going to build on that for Sochi. What some jock in a suit thinks about the sport means nothing because at the end of the day, the IOC will need snowboarding to be involved so they remain relevant and watched. Everytime we kick off because someone makes a disparaging remark, we just look desperate for acceptance… That’s something we no longer need.

You can see the remarks above and judge for yourself how serious this was.


by Dave