April 28, 2011


Globe have a habit of spending a lot of cash on surf movies, then not really reaping the reward. We’re tipping this changes with their new flick, Year Zero, or just 0000’ because surf films this different deserve to be seen.

Five years ago, Globe released Secret Machine, shot entirely on 16mm film. It holds up as one of the best surf movies of the last decade, yet rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as more hyped movies like the Young Guns and Campaign series. Before Machine, they spent a reported mil on Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere. Both films, particularly Secret Machine, were ahead of their time, but in 2011 it looks like the rest of us have caught up.

There’s a good buzz around Year Zero, and – judge for yourself from the first teaser below – it seems like it’s for good reason.

It’s also worth checking the Globe blog for some nice insights into exactly how much farting around they’re doing to make this look as different as possible to everything else out there

by POP Magazine