May 11, 2011

Pop Magazine Issue 18

Issue 18 of Pop Magazine, Australia’s premier free press skate/snow/surf magazine is now available!

It is definitely feeling like winter again and with that comes The 2011 Outerwear Issue!

Steele Saunders talks with Berrics co-owner Steve Berra. This is one of the best interviews about skateboarding we have read with Berra talking everything from the skill level in the new generation of pros, the future of skateboarding as a business and his history. We have had to cut it down for print but it will be available in full online very soon.

In snowboarding we talk to TSC founder Jarrod Wouters who is bringing up the new crop of Australian sponsored riders.

Kai Neville talks with Tim Fisher about his work at the moment filming some of the worlds most exciting surfers.

There’s all the latest product information; a dozen pages of this seasons best outerwear, some of the best goggles and footwear you’ll see in the coming months, the Fiat 500 Abarth, side by side comparison of the iPad2 and competing tablets, a warning to Hollywood starlets about Ashton Kutcher and more.

All of this is available for free at local skate, snow and surf shops around Australia!

View the online issue below or download the PDF here.

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