July 19, 2011

10 Must Follow Skate Crew On Twitter

For those of you that are new to twitter (and those that are on there but want a few tips) here’s 10 skate crew you should totally be following. These are in no particular order and are really just cause they provide something of interest through their feed rather than just dining updates. Have fun following! I’ll do surfing and snowboarding in the nest few days as well.

1. Steve Berra

Head guy at The Berrics, controversial and well connected. A good one to check out.

2. Eric Koston

Early on he mostly stuck to the phrase ‘fuck your face’ but more recently there’s been photo updates and skate commentary… See his responses to The Muska’s arrest.

3. Brandon Biebel

I’ve never met Biebel but based on his twitter feed alone, I want to meet this guy. Seems like such a fun dude and has some great clips posted on his twitter.

4. Tony Hawk

One of the early adopters and a very keen twitterer… Mixes it up with regular competitions and replys when you message him. Pretty cool.

5. The Muska

Not a huge amount makes absolute sense but you get outbursts and tweets on the way to jail – very entertaining. Plus, it’s the Muska!

6. Crailtap

Get the heads up when a new Crail Couch goes up – need I say more?

7. Mike Mo Capaldi

I haven’t seen much from him in a while but he has gotten into some pretty neat conversations that were worth a read.

8. Steele Saunders

Not strictly skate but one of the best interviewers in skateboarding today and extremely active on the comedy circuit.

9. Skatedaily

Skate news from Bryce Kanights site delivered to you.

10. Corbin Harris

TV host and Element skater – he gets around quite a bit. Well worth the follow.

by POP Magazine