August 11, 2011

Dave Carnie On Street League

Photo: Already Been Done

Dave Carnie has written a long piece about Rob Dyrdek and Street League’s direction for Already Been Done. The piece covers Greg Lutzka’s move from SL back to The Dew Tour earlier in the year – referred to by Rob Brink as “the first trade in skateboarding” and then moves through a conversation with Rob Dyrdek about the league as a whole and the direction it is taking skateboarding. Both Carnie and Dyrdek acknowledge that season one was a slow comp and that the format is still being fine tuned (when it’s settled into a set format, Dyrdek plans to get approval for betting on the stops). But also cover the positives – increasing the level of skating, increasing awareness and encouraging growth as well as money. It’s well worth the read – check it out over here.

(Via Boardistan)

by POP Magazine