October 5, 2011

Jereme Roger’s Tweaked Tweets – Interview

(Interview by Ollie Pelling)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jereme Rogers is the skateboarding equivalent of Charlie Sheen. Following him on Twitter is like being subjected to a really kooky reality TV show that you keep watching because it’s kind of funny. That, and you’re expecting the whole thing to fall apart sometime soon and you want to be there when it does. Even though he still kills it on his board, I decided I couldn’t let his bizarre ramblings go unchallenged any longer. I hit him up with some of his most bizarre tweets and got him to give me the lowdown on just what they mean. Apparently, comparing Jereme Rogers to Jesus is, in his own words, “an obvious parallel”. To be perfectly honest it seems fairly hard to get much sense out of the lad, so you’re probably going to be more confused when you finish reading this than you were to begin with. Good luck.
Most will never understand the true pursuit of a black swan
Jereme: A black swan, simply put, is the highly improbable. Example: Winning the lottery, me succeeding at music, or some kid from a random area dropping out of school and becoming one of the best professional skateboarders, which is the first black swan I caught.

I once smoked a blunt with Nas, Kelis, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson & Baron Davis #EpicBluntSession
Jereme: Surreal, but real. Blame Hollywood.

Oh my gosh, the spirit of Tupac just came into my body!!!
Jereme: Why wouldn’t he?

Only the great are persecuted, after all; how many understood Jesus in his own time?
Jereme: #SnappleFact and me drawing an obvious parallel to what I’ve had to endure for the price of greatness.

At lunch with Steven Spielberg
Jereme: He had the caesar salad and some of my thoughts. He likes me, finds me interesting. I told him I feel the same.

Skated, got drunk, fought like a barbarian, fucked like a barbarian, saw Planet of the Apes & Captain America, went to bed…The 40hr day
Jereme: After skating crossroads best trick contest excellently well, I proceeded to get drunk with one of the hottest girls on the planet. We argued aimlessly due to our over abundance of passion, fucked like animals off ecstasy also due to our over abundant passion, continued the argument and checked out of the hotel.
At 6am, I drove home irresponsibly facing the road with confidence and gained sobriety through focus. While dropping her off at around 9.30am, we made up after a three hour drive home which I subjected her to nothing but silence in response to every word she uttered. We let passion again fill the air between us, ate and saw Planet of the Apes (surprisingly good). Met up with P-rod, his lady and daughter, saw Captain America. Went to his house, made everyone laugh, and played him in a game of chess while falling asleep in between moves, still managing to force a stalemate upon him. I went to bed there around 4am, which brings us to; The 40 hour day.

They got the sunglasses & the whole costume…don’t be fooled, it’s what lies beneath the costume that counts
Jereme: In a world driven by appearances and governed by self interest, few things are what they seem beneath the surface. Confidence, or the lack of, is covered up by materials, insecurities masked by their opposite, and few things are presented at face value without sprinkles and a bow.

by POP Magazine