October 14, 2011

Pop Magazine – Issue 19

Issue 19 of Pop Magazine, Australia’s premier free press skate/snow/surf magazine is now available!

This issue features our 2011 Streetwear guide with illustration from Travis Price.

Jan Snarski interviewed Danny Davis and Kevin Pearce about the path they’ve traveled since their injuries suffered just before the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The guys have come a long way with Davis back to filming and competing and Pearce coming close to his first day back on the board. An amazing read.

Rick Howard took a  few moments before hitting a Motley Crew gig with Mike Carroll to talk skateboarding with Steele Saunders. The guys chatted about the upcoming Chocolate video, dug deep into Howard’s past and talk future talent.

Tim Fisher spent months chasing Californian super grom Kolohe Andino as he traveled across the globe continuing to prove that he’s got the potential to be a world-beater, the likes of which the USA hasn’t seen since the 90’s.

Keith Hufnagel, owner of boutique skate stores and one of our favorite labels, HUF, talks streetwear design and style. We do the numbers on hitting the snow in Australia versus taking a trip to New Zealand, prove heliboarding is for everyone, check out some killer boots and peep some 3CS hottness.

Dan Himbrechts, Steve Gourlay and Andrew Shield talk about the changing world of action sports photography. These three guys are the best at what they do, so why are they looking to leave? The guys discuss the challenges of digital, learning the craft and more. Definitely one to read if you’re thinking this of photography as a career path.

All of this is available for free at local skate, snow and surf shops around Australia!

View the online issue below or download the PDF here.

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