October 18, 2011

The world’s hardest-working surf photogs

This cool lil’ clip from English pro surfer Micah Lester caught our eye for a few reasons. First: surfing in the UK must be really, really bloody cold. But secondly: who knew England pumped?

It’s also worth watching fo the water photogs. As Micah and his mates get shacked silly at this heaving rock shelf, spare a thought for the guys on the shoulder.

It’s one thing to be paddling round in your gloves and hood and booties, but those guys hanging on the shoulder, entire body in the water, flippers flappin’ beneath ’em, must really do it tough. The photographers names are Tim Nunn and Bailey, and you can see the shots from this session in an upcoming edition of the ace UK surf mag Carve.

A fun little slab from micah lester on Vimeo.

by POP Magazine