December 20, 2011

Ted Grambeau, master of the surf photo

In the last issue of Pop we ran a feature article on Australian action sports photographers. If we’d included every photographer who deserved a mention we would have had to publish a book, but one man who deserves a light shone on him is Ted Grambeau.

Ted Grambeau has the ultimate existence. Constantly traveling, he’s one of the few photographers that every surfer in the world is stoked to shoot with. For decades he has pushed the boundaries in water and on land, and inspired photographers around the world – in and out of the surf industry – to lift their own games. He’s also one of nature’s true gentleman.

For this reason, it’s cool to see our mates at 18 Seconds give the legendary lensmen a huge wrap in their last issue. Check out Ted’s profile here.

by POP Magazine