March 19, 2012

A Night Of Fun Costs Shecks $100K

Photo via NY Times

TMZ is reporting that Ryan Sheckler is pressing charges against a lady friend who he alleges walked off with $100K worth of his jewelery… This included a Rolex watch, diamond necklace, diamond bracelet and a whole bunch of other stuff that no one else in the world would think is cool and/or fashionable (Rolex excluded from that – everyone loves Rolex). Apparently Shecks had lured the acquaintance back to his hotel room in Vegas, presumably for a hot chocolate and some late night chess, when he fell asleep and awoke to the missing bling and companion. She claims it was someone else – some commenters are claiming it was confusion over payment for the hot chocolate and chess. For more, head over here.

Via Boardistan

by POP Magazine