April 5, 2012

Sight and Sound – Why The Berrics And Skullcandy Are A Good Match

Skullcandy and The Berrics have signed a partnership deal which will see the action sports based headphone maker will gain brand exposure through the popular skate site. The release is below if you want to read the bullshit version that avoids the term ‘advertising’… Words like branding, partnership, message, collaboration and integration are all interchangeable with advertising in this context, but the word “advertising” is to be avoided at all costs because people are naturally apprehensive when they think they’re being advertised to. In essence, Skullcandy will pay to have their brand placed in the clips you watch on the Berrics site. Advertising.

There are plenty out there who will call Koston and Berra sell outs for doing this, I guess everyone is entitled to their own stupid opinion. It takes money, time and a lot of people to run a website (and physical park) as big as The Berrics and I know from our interview with Berra that he and the guys have worked around the clock for years to reach this point. The money doesn’t just magically flow in because the site exists, it needs companies to support that effort (or for us as visitors to pay a subscription – I know which solution I prefer).

I am stoked to see this partnership happen – both are credible brands doing incredible things in their space (I’m a daily visitor to The Berrics and I spend hours every day using Skullcandy headphones). As long as I’m not presented with ridiculous clips that slam product in my face I’ll continue to feel good about both of them. And if the money and resources from Skullcandy help to improve the Berrics, then I’m even happier. Plus I’d definitely be a buyer for a pair of Aviators with the Berrics logo on them. Bring on the new park!

Hat tip to Boardistan.


Today Skullcandy announces an unprecedented multi-platform alliance with The Berrics, a world-renowned indoor skate park and the most trafficked website in skateboarding. The Berrics is owned by pro skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston and combines a private skate park with proprietary content. The site’s daily posts feature the best professionals and amateurs in of skateboarding.

The partnership will help deliver the new Skullcandy Supreme Sound message around the world, via the integration of products and branding on theberrics.com as well as in the new Berrics skate park and offices,  which are slated to open later this year.

“Eric and I have spent the past five years developing a new paradigm for media in the skateboarding industry,” said Berra. “This partnership with Skullcandy, especially with their renewed focus on skateboarding, enables us to collaborate on special content, make exclusive product for our employees as well as all the different types of skateboarders that step foot into the Berrics. We’ve been looking for a partner like this for quite sometime, and Skullcandy is the ideal brand for this new type of innovative partnership.”

The partnership kicked off earlier this year with a daily Skullcandy segment called, “31 Days of Theotis,” which featured Skullcandy team rider Theotis Beasley. Highlights of the partnership include:

• Skullcandy branding, banners and video pre-rolls throughout the The Berrics website.
• Skullcandy branding and product integration in original Berrics content
• A Skullcandy gaming zone located at The Berrics park for skateboarders and staff.
• A state-of-the-art Skullcandy recording studio located on-site at The Berrics.
• Supreme Sound audio equipment for the new Berrics park and offices.
• Exclusive custom Skullcandy product for Berrics properties such as the Battle at the Berrics, etc.
• Custom Skullcandy product for The Berrics staff.
• Graphics for Skullcandy apparel, accessories, and headphones created by The Berrics design staff.

“Skateboarding is one of our core target areas in the coming years,” said Nate Morley, Skullcandy VP Global Marketing & Creative. “While skateboarding has has always been a part of the Skullcandy brand through sponsored athletes and events, our goal is to make Skullcandy the most relevant performance lifestyle audio brand in the minds of the skateboarding community. Our partnership with The Berrics will be a key piece of this strategy because of its unique level of integration, collaboration, content creation and global reach.”

by POP Magazine