June 6, 2012

Here and Now

When it comes to surf movies, the standard seems to be lifting every six months as everyone steps up their game and a crop of keen-eyed new-gen filmers make their presence felt.

But by the looks of this trailer, you can’t count the masters out, and in this case, it looks like Taylor Steele has come up with a doozy.

Taylor, the main behind the Campaign and Drive Thru series, as well as Stranger than Fiction, Sipping Jetstreams and Castles in the Sky, has made a film shot around the world, all on the same day. A cool idea that’s helped, of course, by the presence of Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Dave Rastovitch and Stephanie Gilmore, among many others.

It’ll be released in a couple of weeks for World Surfing Day on June 20, but in the meantime, check out this trailer and try not to crack a smile.

HERE & NOW Official Trailer from INNERSECTION on Vimeo.

by POP Magazine