October 25, 2012

Burton Shuts Down The Program

Yesterday, Burton announced a huge number of changes to the company and the brands they hold. The Program, which houses Forum, Special Blend and FourSquare, is to be shut down, Gravis will be relocated to Tokyo and only be sold in Asia, Anon will move into Helmets and Red will be scaled back, and Analog is moving out of surf and skate.

Obviously this affects a huge number of people – riders on the teams, people working for the brands and the retailers stocking them. Jake Burton has give an indepth interview about the changes to Transworld Business which you should read here. It’s all pretty sad.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in after the announcement yesterday. I appreciate the links and it was great to read the thoughts. I’ve put JP Walker’s part from The Resistance below just for the memories…

by POP Magazine