January 25, 2013

Two New Lifts For Whistler Blackcomb

Australia Day is tomorrow and what better way to celebrate it than news on two new lifts at the place most ruined by our fellow countrymen every northern winter, Whistler Blackcomb. Yes, tomorrow is that most special of days when every beer increases the level of Aussie-ness in the blood (only effective when overseas) and causes all thinking Australian’s to outwardly cringe and inwardly think about all the ways they can disassociate from the people draped in Australian flags urinating on the side of the road and swearing loudly. What a magical day.

Onto the lifts, as you can see in the images above, the new chairs will reside at Harmony and Crystal. According to the release, “Whistler Mountain’s Harmony high-speed quad chairlift will be replaced with a new Doppelmayr high-speed detachable six-pack chairlift capable of transporting six people on each chair. Blackcomb Mountain will see a lift enhancement with a high-speed quad chairlift going into a new area in the Crystal Zone, currently accessed by a fixed-grip triple chair.” Both lifts significantly increase the number of riders per hour that can be shifted – for those stats and more, head over here.

by POP Magazine