February 27, 2013

Rumors Of Team And Brand Cuts At Quiksilver

There’s quite a few articles around today speculating about some changes at Quiksilver and DC. Those changes include 30 staff going, the majority of their surf team (excluding guys like Kelly Slater), their entire snow and skate team being cut (with the exception of Travis Rice and Tony Hawk) and DC cutting their BMX team. As well that, the Quiksilver Women, Waterman Collection, VSTR and Summer Teeth labels are being dropped.

There’s a few links on the rumors below – Transworld Business was quick to remove their story for some reason but due to the magic of Google, it is still visible here it is now visible here (original URL overwritten, I love that I screenshot this stuff).

YoBeat: http://www.yobeat.com/2013/02/25/quik-pulls-out-of-snow/

Boardistan: http://www.boardistan.com/?p=40185

The Come Up: http://thecomeup.com/news/dc-shoes-cuts-bmx-team/?replytocom=347297

UPDATE: 21:07 27/2/13 – Transworld Business have now published an article with an explanation for the take-down. View the new article here.

by POP Magazine