April 23, 2013

Goggles With Heads Up Display Sure To Cause Hilarity

Image via: Terminator Wikia

By now you are sure to be aware of Google’s Glass project, the head mounted, voice activated display. The Age ran an article yesterday about snow goggles which have heads up display and basic capabilities like location, taking photos and video, and recording things like vertical meters dropped for the day, etc. One of the focused on features was the ability to record your run but also to see what your camera is seeing… so you can watch your run, while you’re watching your run.

While I’m sure that eventually there will be some useful features built into these, for now I look forward to the first person clips of someone so intent on what their monitor is seeing, the miss large and well labeled obstacles infront of them. YouTube and the rest of the public are the real winners from this tech.

Read the full article over here.

by POP Magazine