June 6, 2013

Kansas City Street League Stop This Weekend

Image Via Transworld

Street League has their Kansas City stop this weekend. California Skateparks have built a double-set and kinked rail and double-set-length Hubbas as the main feature in the the Impact Section. The midsection has bump-to-flat rails over a gap and either side of the central bump-to-bump/rail combo there is half pyramid hips with up-and-down rails. Check it out here:

Kansas City Street League Stop This Weekend

I’ve asked this before, and it hasn’t made a difference yet, but maybe this is the time? Will the home crowd advantage do wonders and push Malto up to take it to Nyjah this time? Or will it simply be another trip to the bank for young Huston… Maybe the BATB loss last weekend will light a fire under P-Rod? Or maybe the solid rail setup will suit Nyjah’s style and let him really push his limits. If you’re keen to watch it live, the broadcast is set to happen in Australia on the following times:

Prelims – Monday June 10th – 4:30am – Live Webcast Here
Finals – Monday June 10th – 6.30am to 8am – ESPN2

by POP Magazine