June 14, 2013

Element Founder Johnny Schillereff, “It’s not all bad”

Image via Element

The founder of Element, Johnny Schillereff, has come out to publicly support Laura Inman and the management at Billabong against the tsunami of negative press they have been receiving. In an interview with Shop-Eat-Surf, he said “With the new leadership team, whether people like what they hear or not, communication from senior management has never been stronger“.

If only the issue was purely one of communication… This comes as another round of exits take place, this time Raquel Sanchez, merchandise director of the Billabong Girls brand, and last week Karen Sarver, the company’s vice-president of administration, who’s parting remarks included the word “toxic” to describe the internal atmosphere.

You can read more on Schillereff’s comments and the current happenings over here.

by POP Magazine