February 17, 2014

Brockhoff And Bright Miss Out On SBX Medals

Belle Brockhoff and Torah Bright have crashed out of the SBX comp in Sochi. The two were in the same quarterfinal together when Torah crashed out, leaving her in 18th overall.

Brockhoff made it to the finals only to have her board knocked by Canadian Dominique Maltais causing her to crash off the course. She said after, “So basically, if the Canadian hadn’t taken me out, I would have won.” She finished in 8th place over all.

Gold went to Eva Samkova, silver to Dominique Maltais and bronze to Chloé Trespeuch. Full results below.

1. Eva Samková
2. Dominique Maltais
3. Chloé Trespeuch
4. Faye Gulini
5. Alexandra Jekova
6. Michela Moioli

7. Lindsey Jacobellis
8. Belle Brockhoff
9. Zoe Gillings
10. Simona Meiler
11. Nelly Moenne-Loccoz
12. Susanne Moll

by Dave