March 18, 2014

The Olympics Are Dead & The Burton US Open Killed It

If there is any doubt the Olympics half pipe sucked (there isn’t), the Burton US Open should put all that to bed. It was insane.

A couple of days old I know but if you haven’t seen footage from the recent Burton US Open you need to stop what you’re doing and watch the above Snowboarder Mag clip right now. By the way, Pat Bridges is so good in these clips.

Style ruled, Taylor Gold got weird with all sorts of grabs, Kelly Clark took home her 7th US Open title and 13 year old Chloe Kim has to be scaring Torah with her switch steez.

Snowboarder Mag said it best though, “the story of the day, however, was style and that was in the form of Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, and Scotty Lago, as well as Greg Bretz, Ben Ferguson, Billy Anderson and many more poaching the pipe with some of the sickest trains we’ve ever seen.”

You can see our wrap up of the result here.

by Rick