March 25, 2014

Double Pipe Win Goes To Taylor Gold

Red Bull’s Double Pipe comp went down in Aspen, Colorado over the weekend and Taylor Gold took out first. Gold, who also recently won the Burton US Open,started his run with a huge double Michalchuk and transferred between the pipes twice. Although the format made for some more creative riding, I’m not sure the transferring between the pipes made for better tricks – seems like everyone was a bit sketchy on doing it. Transworld got a great interview with him and some footage of the winning run – you can check that out above. Full results below.

Official Results
1. Taylor Gold – 95.6
2. Chase Josey – 91.4
3. Arthur Longo – 88.6
4. Greg Bretz – 85.6
5. Gabe Ferguson – 84.0
6. Benji Farrow – 79.8
7. Christian Haller – 58.6
8. Scotty Lago – 24.8

by Dave