May 23, 2014

Boston Celtics Owners Put US$5mil Into Street League

The owners of the Boston Celtics, Wyc Grousbeck and Causeway Media Partners, have taken a stake in Street League skateboarding. From the article published by Washinton Post, it sounds like investment was sought by the league for further growth. It would be an attractive investment to a group of people used to looking for opportunities in emerging sports – these guys have a track record on that front with investments in things like Formula-E, an all electric Formula 1.

There is some interesting statistics on skateboarding in the article too. I feel like these are very low, but it claims “10 million recreational participants— an estimated 30 million worldwide — who are 86 percent male, 59 percent from 18-24 years old”. This doesn’t take into account those who would be spectators of the sport but not necessarily active participants.

It’s worth a read – check the article out over here.

by Dave