June 30, 2014

‘The Bad Seeds’ Teaser From Nitro

Nitro’s crew have been getting together footage for their latest vid, The Bad Seeds. Filmed across Salt Lake City, Montreal, Sweden, Russia and the Himalayas it features Austin Smith, Benny Urban, Bryan Fox, Eero Ettala and a heap more.

The blurb with it says “The Bad Seeds stands for a group of individuals who enjoy living a life outside the norm that society has set. They snowboard how they want, all day – everyday. The idea of this movie was to capture how these guys ride when they are together and just snowboarding for fun, not necessarily for capturing the best trick on the biggest feature.” Which is really something every upcoming snowboard film has to say now that we know T-Rice is back out and working in his new feature.

It’s a short tease for the film which is due out in a time unknown… Doesn’t seem to be written anywhere. But I’m looking forward to it.

by Dave