July 22, 2014

Snowboard Injuries On The Rise

The Sydney Morning Herald has an exclusive on a study about a rise in snowboarding injuries at Victorian resorts. The majority are accounted for by males, aged 15 – 24 years… Anyone remotely surprised as yet?

86% of injuries are down to fractures, dislocations and soft tissue damage. Only 7% are spinal or head injuries – but those being the injuries that can affect the rest of your life, it is quite a high number.

The report talks about mandatory helmets, something which seems like a good idea for parks and pipes but not necessarily required for the rest of the runs on Buller, Hotham and Baw Baw. It seems over the top to insist that someone lapping Bourke Street at a leisurely pace would need to strap on a helmet.

Check the full story over here.

by Dave