August 4, 2014

Andrew Wood In Whistler

We got an email over the weekend that was awesome for several reasons. Most of you wont have seen but if you want to contribute to the site, you need to answer a set of questions – we got answers for one Andrew Wood (not our usual Andrew Wood, this seems to be his Canadian namesake). He shot through a great set of answers along with a quick clip from the 2013/14 season. Check the clip out above and the answers to the questions below.

If you want to contribute too – just head over here for the q’s.

1. What videogame was Tony Hawk playing in the intro to his part in the Vision video Psycho Skate?
Duck hunt, because how else would you learn co-ordination like that? Tony Hawk pro skater 2? Pfft.

2. What was your favourite surf/skate/snow video part of all time?
True Life – Devun Walsh

3. Name one rider from the original Whiskey film. (Bonus points if you can name the Australian smashing bottles over his head).
Boozey the clown was my first answer – but Sean Kearns has the sickest style in the Whiskey 2 – no grabs, pow pow pow!

4. What’s your local mountain/park/break?
Blackcomb, Blackcomb Jump Line, Floerncia Bay south swell, high tide, Vancouver Island.

5. Shaun White took gold at the Sochi Olympics – what was his first trick in his second run?
I love snowboarding so, I don’t know. Danny Davis did a switch method second hit… thats whats up

by Dave