November 3, 2014

It’s Official – Nike Bails On Snowboarding

The Holiday 2015 will be the last season of Nike Snowboarding gear according to a company statement reported on the Oregon Live site. This is the second fail in snow for Nike (following their ACG brand) and leaves the likes of Sage Kotsenburg, Louie Vito, Danny Kass, Austin Smith and more looking for a new sponsor. Also kind of ironic that their latest video series was called Emergence and the one before was Never Not.

Things never looked amazing for the brand – the gear looked incredible and was super comfortable, but something didn’t seem to click in the same way that it has done for skateboarding. When 6.0 faltered and they moved out of surfing, there was definitely a feeling that there was no permanence to their presence in surf, skate and snow. But like I said, a damn shame cause the gear looked amazing and the company was making all the right sounds.

This announcement confirms the rumours we were discussing in the Shoutbox recently. And as mentioned, if you’re into your Nike gear, go buy up now.

Check the full story here.

by Dave