November 11, 2014

Nitro’s ‘The Bad Seeds’ Full Movie

Nitro dropped their full film for 2014, called The Bad Seeds. The film has an insanely long riders list (below) but some highlights are crew like Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Eero Ettala, Marc Swoboda, Justin Bennee and Benny Urban. I’ve only managed to get a few minutes in and it’s a combination of awesomeness and footage I have seen in one or two videos already this year… I’ll post a full review when I can watch it properly but being that it’s free anyways, here it is if you want to take a look.


Anna Gasser
Anton Bilare
Anton Gun
Austin Smith
Benny Urban
Brandon Hobush
Bryan Fox
Dominik Wagner
Eero Ettala
Elias Elhardt
Emil Ulsletten
Gjermund Braaten
Griffin Siebert
Justin Bennee
Justin Keniston
Knut Eliassen
Markus Keller
Marcus Kleveland
Marc Swoboda
Nils Arvidsson
Sam Taxwood
Sven Thorgren
Shane Wright
Thomas Feurstein
Torgeir Bergrem

by Dave