November 27, 2014

When In Whistler Mini Movie

Jeremy Richardson and the crew at Boardworld have released a mini-movie from the footage filmed last season for When In Whistler. There’s a good mix of riding in here and the edit is nice. I’ve got the full rider list below but it features good dudes like Charles Reid, Charles Beckinsale, Shaun Belmore, Nic Harvey and more. Excited to see what the guys come out with this season.


Jeremy Melanson
Gordie Lehane
Yannick Lamontagne
Craig Bowl-u
Darcy Sharpe
Charles Reid
Charles Beckinsale
Geoff Brown
Adam Chuntz
Bruce Johnston
Andrew Burns
Shaun Belmore
Nic Harvey
Trevor Karle
Joel Loverin
Ryan Manning
David Kinskofer
Mark Andre Tremblay

by Dave