February 6, 2009

AWS Mind Field Melbourne Premiere!

Last night was the Melbourne premiere for the much hyped new Alien Workshop film, Mind Field. Unfortunately my photos all turned out terrible so I’m going to try and source more – check back later in the day. Anyway, did the film meet the hype? Easily. Epic parts from Arto, Dill, Kalis, Van Engelen… pretty much the whole cast. Kirchart’s ender is mind blowing – I’m not going to spoil it for those that haven’t seen it yet but it involves a motorbike tow in! My only minor complaints were that Dyrdek’s part was way too short and some of the insert clips that brought the visual theme to the film happened too often and were a little distracting from the skating. But all in all, an amazing film – definitely one for the shelf!

by Dave