January 30, 2008

SIA Day 1

Our resident blogger Paul Colby is at SIA in Las Vegas, where the snow world collides in a world of booze, new products, new marketing campaigns, gambling and boobs. Here’s some photos from day one of a four… of madness!


The Endeavor booth is in a 40ft shipping container, everyone loves the free SIA wireless.

ping pong

Next level table tennis table, that is a glass net…. not lets in these games.


The Program (Forum, Special Blend, 4Square) had a stock market theme this year, with Program shares in high demand.


The swoosh is back in the game, with outerwear and boots. The Snow Force One boot is based on the Air Force One kick….. Like you couldn’t work that out.


Speaking of new players, DC has their boards on show for the first time, to back up all the team they signed this time last year .

So providing I don’t loose my mind or my camera I will keep you up to date with the madness that is SIA.

by POP Magazine