August 18, 2009

Stylewars Rider List


Well the Stylewars website got an update yesterday with a damn decent list of invited riders. I’m happy to see some up and coming Australian’s in there (although there is one big Australian missing). There’s a few quality internationals too (good to see Pop favorite Marko Grilc making it back). In the past this contest has certainly separated the men from the boys, so it’ll be good to see who gets after it this year. Check below the cut for the list.

Sebastien Toutant Canada
Charles Reid Canada
Matts Kulisek Canada
Mark Sollars Canada
Marco Grilc Slovakia
Chris Kroll Austria
Michael Stanschitz Austria
Herby Thaler Austria
Jacob Koia New Zealand
Ryan Tiene Australia
Jye Kearney Australia
Nick Gregory Australia
Nathan Perry Australia
Cohen Davies Australia
Andy Lloyd Australia
Darragh Walsh Australia
Christopher de Campo Australia
charlie steinbacher Australia
Ben Fawcett Australia
Mikey Williams Australia
Adrian Pelly Australia
Sam Murphy Australia
tim Laidlaw Australia
Andrew Roth Australia
Iver Lynne Australia
Steve Tongnazini Australia
Tom Pelley
Chris Eacott
by Rick