October 1, 2013

Sugar Loaf Resort Purchased By Eneliko Smith

Eneliko Smith, the former owner of The Block hotel and reality TV show has finalised plans to purchase the abandoned Michigan resort, Sugar Loaf. He first announced his intentions back in 2010 but was still searching for the right partner, with resort management experience, to complete the venture. The price at the time was $10 million but there’s no indication what the final price paid is.

Smith has a controversial business past with his time managing The Block ending with him pleading no contest to charges relating to unpaid room taxes, along with some issues around a boutique hotel and Nicky Hilton. A quick Google will turn up a few of the twists and turns in his career so far.

Smith said of the purchase “This is the single biggest challenge of my life, I’m fortunate I was able to find partners that not only understand the risks involved at Sugar Loaf but also the complexity of reopening a resort that has been shuttered for over 10 years … The key is getting down to bedrock on what’s required and then taking massive action … I will not let this resort waste away on my watch.” So the intention is good and the promises are great – the resort would be renamed The RoK at Sugarloaf and be a destination spot for snowboarders sporting some of the worlds best park facilities.

In this authors opinion he has managed one “worlds best” by creating possibly the shittiest website for his venture that I have ever seen.

For those unfamiliar with Sugar Loaf, it has been out of action since 2000 and sitting there decaying. I found a video below that will give you an idea of what Smith is buying and the massive task he has ahead of him.

Hat tip to Boardistan for the heads up.

by Dave