November 4, 2013

Mt. Baw Baw Management Out For Tender

Mt. Baw Baw has put up its management and operations for tender. They are looking for a private operator “… to grow revenues and reduce costs, make an initial investment to refresh the resort and have the potential to more materially invest in the mountain over time to ensure its long-term sustainability and financial viability.

The tender document states that “structural constraints and operational issues were leading to its (Baw Baw’s) financial underperformance and reliance on funding from the Victorian Government.” They are looking to change that by bringing in someone with a bit of business know how… And they’re looking for someone who has form in running an alpine resort. Based on the rest of the Aus resorts, I think we should head this off, get a kickstarter going and see if we can make some better choices for the mountain – what’d ya say?!?

You can read the initial tender document and apply for more information right over here.

by Dave