December 4, 2013

MySURFtv – Not As Shit As It Sounds

Brand New Media have launched an IPTV channel dedicated to surfing called When I caught the press release, I was pretty excited that I was onto something terrible – the way it was written made it sound truly awful, for example, “ uses Brand New Media’s ChannelPLAY platform, which offers brands an end-to-end content and digital technology solution with a dynamic approach to content creation, marketing and distribution. Providing surf enthusiasts diversity of on-demand content, which is accessible to any connected device, anytime, anywhere.” Which is an insanely long and wanky way of saying ‘we make internet videos’. The site will basically create content for brands mixed with content that has brands advertising around it. Quiksilver seems to be on it first. But if the website can actually follow up and keep it news-y and current, it should be okay to check every now and again. Head over here for a look-see.

by Dave