November 25, 2013

Action Sports Athletes And Cars

Despite the dire economic conditions and the poor state of several flagship brands, surfers, skaters and snowboarders are earning more than ever before. And all the evidence you need is on facebook and Instagram. Over the weekend, Nyjah Huston posted a photo of himself posed with his new Audi R8 which has just had a satin wrap. Why you would do that to such beautiful car is beyond me. Matte finish rarely looks good and the nice people at Audi spent millions developing the look of that car – they will have done it far better than any of your whims. Still, with Huston’s Street League earnings alone coming in around US$1 million, he can afford to indulge a few reckons.

This got me thinking about our industry and cars. We all remember Jereme Rogers posing with his Aston Martin. Something Steve Berra rightly says J Casanova had no business owning and he admits himself, might have been an error buying. Will we see looks of regret on Shecks face in a few years? He’s pumping through some pretty impressive autos, including a Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG and Ferrari F430. He’s now riding round in a heavily modified Ford Raptor.

In the list below, there’s some details on the current headliners and their rides. Some are tasteless. Others, like Tony Hawks new Tesla Model S (which he has found some creative uses for the tech) is just amazing. If you haven’t looked into Tesla cars, get started. The guy behind the company, Elon Musk, is part of the inspiration for Tony Stark in the Iron Man films – he’s got his own space program and everything.

Here’s some deets:

Nyjah Huston – Audi R8 – AU$410,000 if you get the V10 (not incl. modifications)
Shaun White – Lamborghini LP640 – US$308,000 – Top speed 330 km/h
Ryan Sheckler – Ford Raptor – US$50,000 (standard – this is so modified, who knows what it cost)
Tony Hawk – Tesla Model S (P85 variant) – US$85,000
Jereme Rogers – Aston Martin – AU$380,000
Paul Rodriguez – Jaguar XF R  – AU$210,00

I’ve set out to confirm models and variants on a few of the above, but you get the idea. Check a few of them in the gallery above too.

by Dave